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'A compassionate, practical guide for the Police' 

"The introduction of this book is both insightful, compassionate and sincere about people with Autism and the way in which the Criminal Justice System (CJS) and the Police see them. Like is stated on the rear cover, this book is a practical guide specifically for Police Officers and First Responders. Better yet, it's written a fellow Aspie, an #ActuallyAutistic person who is a retired Policeman.

As a person with Autism I found it helpful to see glossary of industry terms, abbreviations and a section on 'What Autism is NOT' that dispelled myths and hearsay definitions. In this book there's practical, easily tangible stories and case studies, one of which is the stressful environment that is train station and the impact that such a place has on the hyper-sensitive senses of an Autistic person.

Overall, this book would be better appreciated by Police Officers and First Responders, it's definitely something that they'd get the most out of from reading! Page 61-62 regarding 'criminal behaviour or Autism?' is an essential part of the book; that all too often such strange body language can be misinterpreted as suspicious and fits criminal"


"I wish more people were aware of this! I can testify to the devastating consequences of prolonged anxiety."


“Excellent book, indeed! Sadly, not well-known & underappreciated.”

Austim and the police. 

Practical advice for officers and other first responders. 

 by Andy Buchan.

This new book contains all you need to know about autism and neurodiversity in the British criminal justice system and beyond.

It gives clear, step by step instructions, for any of the emergency services when dealing with anyone who they suspect may be neurodiverse. 

This practical guide is based upon nearly 30yrs of policing experience working in and around the Criminal Justice System. The book may say 'police' on the cover but the advice contained within it is useful for anyone dealing with all vulnerable people and particularly anyone autistic.


The pages are filled with unequivocal explanations set out in an easy to understand format and real life scenarios that illustrate a better way to approach and deal with situations involving autistic people.


The book is now widely available from numerous booksellers around the world (a selection are below) but can be purchased from our team at any of the events we attend. Andy will personally add an inscription and sign it for you during these sessions free of charge (please see our current itinerary in the events section or email us for further details). 



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