Frequently asked questions

  • Are your services available for one to one matters ? - No. Andy delivers to groups and organisations so cannot offer personal advice. This can hopefully be obtained from l‚Äčocal support groups.  
  • Do you work just in the UK? - Andy is willing to travel anywhere in the world where his services are required. The cost of employment is available by emailing the main address or contacting the main number for the engagement rates. 
  • Is autism the only area of your expertise? - Andy has extensive experience in many areas including autism, neurodiversity, policing, the criminal justice system and hearing impairment (personal) to name a few. Please contact us for more details.
  • Do you sell your book on this website? - 'Autism and the police' is available from many booksellers all around the world but, can also be purchased from us (for an ABC - only lower price) at any of the events we attend. Andy will sign the book and put in an inscription if desired during these events free of charge. 
  • Do you work or attend events for free? - Andy and ABC Ltd support chosen charities on a personal basis. Unfortunately we cannot attend events without incurring costs, so have to turn unpaid offers down regularly. If you wish to engage Andy then please contact him and he will do everything he can to assist you; including working within your budget constraints. 

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