Exciting News!

It has been 12 months since the publication of Autism and the police!

I have had so much positive feedback on the book from areas I hadn't expected. It was always intended to reach further than just the emergency services and it seems to have done just that. I have been contacted by people who have had no previous connections with the police and found the content ea​sy to read and extremely useful.

The fire service and paramedics have also said they too can relate to the examples I have used. This is exactly what I intended when writing it. It is accessible to everyone including parents, carers and university courses to name a few.

My thanks go to everyone who has ​bought the book and contacted me, it's great hearing from you all. Here's to the next 12 months and beyond!

There will be more about information coming out over the next few weeks on my Twitter and Facebook pages. You can follow me there and speak to me directly (Dm's are open).

Feb- 2020.     I am attending the NPAA 1st national conference on 12th March at Devon & Cornwall Police head quarters. There I will be exhibiting and signing my book. The conference is a collective of the UK's representatives from each of the individual police forces. There will be speakers (more of that to follow) and workshops throughout the day. I will post comment and photos upon my return. Stay tuned! 

March 2020.  It was great to be part of the first National Police Autism Assoc neurodiverse conference. I watched some great speakers including Chris Packham and Luke Beardon. It was a privilege to be able to give Chris a copy of my book. My thanks go to everyone who bought a copy and waited patiently for it to be signed. Also a shout out to Devon and Cornwall police especially C/Insp Steve Lenny for the support throughout the day.  Even during this difficult time it was amazing to see the fortitude and resilience of the police service and my respect for them continues. 

Further News:

Andy is now a member of the Consulting Cops for writers team. It is a company offering a service to anyone writing a book, screenplay, script or film/tv series and requiring expert input on police procedure. No matter what the period or type of the work, Andy can help in any area of policing but specializes in custody, traffic and of course any neurodiversity, where his unique insight into the autistic mind will be invaluable. Please contact us for further details or see his profile on :