A bit of background behind ABC

Autism By Collaboration was conceived because of Andy’s desire to use his extensive experience in autism and policing to benefit others. He believes that through public speaking and consultation he can make a difference for any vulnerable person caught up in the criminal justice system.

Andy received a diagnosis of Asperger’s and Dyspraxia (along with others) late in life which meant he struggled to understand why he thought differently to others around him. The strategies he employed to thrive in the difficult role as a police officer, he adapted to assist others in and around the autistic and learning disability communities right across the UK.

After retiring from the police service he was asked to write ‘Autism and the Police’ by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. It was found that there were no books dedicated to offering front line officers (or first responders) practical advice on dealing with autistic people in real situations. Andy took this chance to set out from the start how with just a few easy changes to their approach that many arrests could be prevented.

Through the book Andy hopes to bridge that gap between the neurodiverse community and police. Due to his distinctive position he has a deep understanding of both areas and can clear up the confusions from one and the fears of the other.

Andy has years of experience to call on and numerous anecdotes to share when speaking and instructing. By engaging him you will receive a service which is unique; an ex-cop who is an autistic author. No one else will be able to give the insight he can.

Give ABC a call and see how they can share this with you and provide a quality service from the start.