Welcome to Autism By Collaboration a company created by Andy Buchan, author, speaker and autism consultant. 

ABC offers a quality service tailored to your needs and delivered with an honest approach based upon Andy’s years of experience. His unique skills have been honed from a policing and writing background coupled with an actually autistic perspective.

Andy can assist with many different aspects of neurodiversity including autism. If you are writing a script/play/book or require a Subject Matter Expert regarding autism or policing then Andy’s insight will be invaluable to you. His passion and knowledge in these areas are exceptional and could be just the edge you need to succeed.

Andy’s first book; ‘Autism and the police’ is available for inclusion on any university course covering neurodiversity or the criminal justice system. The accessible writing style coupled with real-life examples will enhance your module and Andy is available to deliver any part of it for an added impact. If you wish to add the book to a course please don’t hesitate to let him know and he will do all he can to assist you.

Speaking engagements are one Andy’s favourite roles. The opportunity to engage with a live audience and present his thoughts personally is very important to him. No matter what the size of group they will all receive the same quality of commitment.

Andy can deliver the contents of ‘Autism and the police’ specifically tailored for any emergency services environment including courses and instruction. His years of hands-on experience and clear approach is exactly what your service requires whether they be red, blue or green. You will receive a genuine insight into autism with the unique angle of actual 999 response involvement. The chances of coming into contact with a neurodivergent person is ever increasing and Andy’s book can assist any emergency worker to deal with this important interaction.

Andy’s expertise is not only relevant to the public sector but also the business sector, he can advise any group who are seeking further assistance around neurodiversity. He has worked at strategic levels, delivering projects involving exterior collaboration in the policing environment, whilst also running a support network for carers and disabled employees.

Contact him see how he can make a difference. 

*Fees for all services are individually based on client need and available upon request. Please feel free contact us for a no obligation quote*